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The SHN handcuffs combine smart design, advanced materials and modern production technologies into a highly functional and reliable security product. The description below will highlight some of the unique features that sets these handcuffs well ahead of its competition. The body of the handcuff is made out of a light-weight magnesium alloy, the same material used in advanced automotive parts. Using a die-cast production method, the shape of the body can be made highly complex, incorporating multiple functions into a single part: handcuff, housing and connector. The alloy body is coated with durable a non-stick coating, which provides a reliable and proven protection against corrosion and therefore makes it possible to easily clean the handcuffs. The standard color of the coating is matt (flat) black, which reduces its visibility in low-profile applications, but can be chosen in a variety of colors.

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The lightweigth body is complemented by a stainless steel ratchet, the workhorse of the SHN handcuffs. The ratchet is made by using the metal injection moulding (MIM) technique, which allows to make accurate yet complicated parts. The special shape of the ratchet makes sure that all wrists, no matter their size, are securely locked without the need of overtightening. Its complex yet smooth design and polished surface ensures easy cleaning when needed. By using advanced computing techniques, the designs of both the ratchet and the magnesium body were optimized to divert forces through the strongest parts of the handcuffs. This clever design minimizes the amount of material needed and thus accomplishing an optimum strength to weight ratio, with a pair of handcuffs weighing in only 285 grams.
Once closed, the ratchet is held in place securely by hardened stainless steel parts. Ordinary locks are lubricated using grease, which attracts moisture, sand and dust, while the SHN handcuffs utilizes a low friction coating. This coating provides a life-long lubrication of the lock parts. The tightly sealed housing keeps out any contamination, removing the need for regular cleaning of the locking mechanism. The stainless steel lock parts will guaranty a smooth operation, even when used in coastal areas or when in prolonged contact with moisture and sweat.

Key lock

The shackle that connects both halves of the handcuff is made of a high strength steel insert, covered with fiber-reinforced polymer, once again combining lightweight materials with functionality and high strength. The solid connection provided in this way improves security and control over the suspect. The key to open the handcuffs can be selected to fit your needs. The 'code' of the lock can be chosen as such to make a series of keys and handcuffs compatible between Police forces and/or other security bodies. The key comes in different designs, ranging from the standard small size, to the extra-large size which makes the key easy to operate when gloves need to be worn. Extra-long keys are also available. The key is, once again, made from high strength stainless steel, making it easy to clean and hard to damage.

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