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About Demcon safety and security systems

Since a few years Security Handcuffs Netherlands (SHN) is part of Demcon Safety and Security Systems, which belongs to the Demcon Group. Demcon offers full assembly for high-tech products. The broad knowledge and expertise enables them to think along with the customer from a development and assembly perspective as early as the design phase. Also, Demcon can develop and build assembly and testing tools in the industrialization phase to simplify production. In short, they can take care of the complete production, from prototyping and production engineering to supply-chain design and in-house assembly. For this, Demcon has specialist knowledge, certified quality management (ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016) and the international supply network.

Metal injection moulding

As part of the Demcon group, Demcon Metal Injection Moulding, with its production technology metal injection moulding (MIM) supplies complex, high-quality products with high reliability. This technology is very suitable for making products with high accuracy that meet stringent requirements, including a long service life. Advantages are freedom of form in the design, a low unit price and production in medium to large series. Various medical applications, such as surgical instruments, are examples of the added value that this technique can have. Demcon metal injection moulding distinguishes itself especially with the environmentally friendly base materials for the production process, developed in-house. All this knowledge and know-how is now at the disposal of SHN.

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