Our handcuffs

With a weight of 285 grams, the SHN G2 cuffs are extremely light and therefore comfortable to wear during daily (Police)duty. To still meet various international Police standards, regarding strength and durability, but also maintain a low weight, SHN decided to manufacture the body of the cuffs from magnesium. Together with the stainless-steel braces and polymer shackle with hardened steel insert, the SHN G2 cuffs can withstand tensile forces up to 3320N. High-end engineering makes the cuffs exceptional resistant to manipulation.

Law enforcement cuffs - Only

SHN supplies various Police Forces in Europe with different variants of the G2 cuffs. Some of them are modified or (re)designed to meet special requirements. These strong and light cuffs are ideal for daily (Police)duty but also rigid enough for military use. In the context of corporate, social and environmental responsibility, SHN meets and exceeds all current standards.

  • Extremely strong
  • Lightweight
  • Dutch engineering and high-end materials

Private security cuffs

To provide the Private Security Branch with SHN G2 cuffs, SHN has decided to produce a commercial "off-the-shelf" cuff. This cuff fulfills all the same standards as the G2 Law Enforcement cuff but is only available in dark blue. This difference in color indicates that the cuff is no property of a law enforcement agency but is intended for Private security use only.

  • Extremely strong
  • Lightweight
  • Dutch engineering and high-end materials

Training cuffs

SHN G2 training cuffs are designed on request of the Dutch National Police Force. Training is mostly a part of the Police work with less priority, which is understandable but nevertheless, good training is crucial. To provide a safe training tool for situations where the training suspects must be able to unlock themselves, SHN designed the G2 training cuffs. These cuffs are blue in color in order to easily be recognized as a training tool.

  • Same weight, size and strength as the G2 cuffs
  • Can be opened without a key
  • Are clearly recognizable as training cuffs

Extended cuffs

Sometimes standard is not good enough and custom products are needed. SHN is always ready to help, as proben in the development of the extended cuffs. This product was designed and produced for the Dutch prison systems, in order to secure inmates with less mobility in their arms and shoulders. The extended cuff prevents the use of two standard cuffs which may possibly injure the inmate or create an unsafe situation.

  • Extremely strong and lightweight
  • Dutch engineering and high-end materials
  • Safe to use on inmates with less mobility in their arms

Designed and produced in the Netherlands

Eco friendly production process

Strong and lightweight

Durable and high-quality

About SHN

Lightweight, strong and secure handcuffs are on both the national and international security services’ wish lists. Several of the most important components of these handcuffs can only be produced using metal powder injection moulding. Technology developer and producer Demcon in Enschede, together with daughter company Demcon metal injection moulding (Demcon MIM), has developed to become a specialist in this advanced production technology. Commissioned by SHN International, Demcon MIM produced a redesign of an existing lightweight handcuff, enabling SHN to win the contract for a national security service. SHN now supplies several thousand items per year. Demcon MIM takes care of the production of various components as well as the entire assembly. Demcon recently acquired SHN in order to safeguard SHN’s continuity and growth. This ensures that the company also has the capability to serve security and governmental services in other countries and to develop handcuffs for semi-civil applications.

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